Things I’m Loving

Currently Reading:

Big Little Lies.jpg

Loving this book so far! Wish I had more time to read right now but I have a lot going on lately.

I highly recommend it, though! It’s a very easy book to get into. It’s written very well. Good character development. Relatable characters.

Read along with me! Get your copy here:



Favorite Baby Product:

water wipes.jpg

We got so many wipes from our baby shower so we got to try out a bunch of different brands to see which ones we liked best.

Y’all. These blow every other wipe out of the water. They don’t dry up (ever, seriously). They clean baby so well. I actually feel like he’s getting a good clean.

Also, it’s made of practically all water. No harsh chemicals.

Try them, moms & dads. I promise you’ll love them as much as I do:

What I’m Drinking:

yogi tea.jpgI gave up coffee during pregnancy and haven’t gone back because I hate that feeling of being addicted to it (and I was – badly).

I’ve always enjoyed drinking tea, but I’ve really gotten into it more lately.

I’m loving this brand of tea right now, and this flavor in particular. I love green tea but the blueberry adds a boost of flavor that’s so tasty!

Plus, the tea bags have little motivational quotes on them which I love (and always share on my IG stories).

Try this tasty tea for yourself!


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