I’m Riding The Struggle Bus

I’ve been struggling pretty hard in writing my WIP novel for Camp NaNoWriMo. I started out pretty strong but I’ve been losing momentum quickly. I had such high hopes for this!

What I’m Writing

I’ve likely mentioned this before, but the WIP I’m writing for this challenge is a series that I’ve been working on for over 10 years now. I’ve been working on it on and off during that time. It hasn’t been a consistent thing.

The first installment in the series is basically as far as I’ve gotten. I have finished it through. I think I only fully finished it one time. I read through and edited it. I discovered I wasn’t thrilled with the final outcome.

I decided to rewrite it. I think I attempting rewriting twice after finishing it that first time. I never got through my rewrites completely.

Then, I had the idea of trimming it down a lot. I scrapped characters, storylines, etc. It needed to be done. There was just too much. It would have lost my readers and been difficult to read.

So, I decided to revamp. I had only just begun this revamping idea when my computer crashed and I lost it. Honestly, no big deal. I probably would have just redone it anyway.

I’ve Beat a Dead Horse

For Camp NaNo, I decided to start from the beginning with my revamping idea. That means starting to write this story from square one. Again. To me, it feels so tired.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the story. But I’ve written these scenes too many times. I want so badly to make them better, to do something different, to liven it up a bit more. But I’m just struggling pushing through.

I’m stuck in a creative rut. I don’t want to completely scrap these scenes. They’re pivotal to the beginning of the book.

I Need To Push Through

I know that all I need to do is power through it. It’s understandable that I’m struggling with this part. I’ve written it so many times already. I just want to get to what comes next!

For now, it’s just a struggle that I need to get through.

I’m in the final days of Camp and I’m just going to power through. I can’t get too hung up on it all. Once I get through this first part, the part I’ve written too many times before, I can start really getting more creative in the remainder of the novel.

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