Final Week of Camp NaNo

There’s one week left of Camp NaNo! Let’s take a look and see how well I’ve been doing thus far.

Unfortunately, I struggled last week. Despite giving up Facebook & Twitter (which honestly didn’t help) and creating an effective schedule, I fell short.

I won’t bore you with my excuses for why I didn’t write. All I can do now is share my plan!

For this final week, instead of assigning myself word count goals for each day, I’m simply going to schedule which nights I will devote to writing. I’m taking a “go with the flow” approach this last week. Whatever I write, I write. If I don’t make it to 30,000 words, so be it!

I’m looking forward to closing out this week and seeing how well I do with this challenge! It certainly won’t be my last.

Be sure to check in next week when I share my overall accomplishments and thoughts on my first NaNoWriMo challenge!

One thought on “Final Week of Camp NaNo

  1. Good luck Katy, maybe the more “go with the flow” method will make this last week more memorable and productive 🙂

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