CampNaNo Progress

Last week wrapped up the halfway point for CampNano. I won’t lie, I’ve run into a few road blocks with my work! But, I’m still feeling incredibly inspired and motivated to complete my first writing challenge!

Progress Report

By the end of April 14th, my goal was to have written 14,000 words. Unfortunately, below was the word count I actually achieved (overall).

April 14th – 7092

To say I had a rough writing week would be an understatement! I only managed to write 1600 words in one week.

Writer’s Block Hit Me

I’d reached a spot in my novel that just had me stuck. My novel is about a teen girl just starting high school. I was at the spot in the book where she was having her first day. And I couldn’t get the right image of the setting in my head.

While writing, I’m a very “visual” person, mind visual, that is. I have to have an accurate description of where I’m writing, otherwise, I’m lost.

I am using my old middle school as a setting idea. But, it all doesn’t work out perfectly for me. In the past, I did create a little visual aid for myself! It was packed away in my storage unit, though. I wasn’t able to get access to it right away.

In the meantime, instead of not writing or doing anything, I did some planning. So, while I wasn’t logging words for my novel, I was getting something productive done for it.

I Miraculously Unblocked Myself

When I finally did retrieve the visual aid of my setting, I was disappointed to find that it didn’t help. The papers I had were actually pretty disorganized and clearly I had tried more than once to draw up this setting. It was a mess and it was useless.

So, I did what I had to do.Β I just pushed through. I came up with a vague idea in my mind and just plowed through the part that was holding me back. It had to be done. I couldn’t spend too much time on it.

I got unblocked! Now, I’m on a much better track and am feeling better about my progress.

This Week’s Goal

So, I’m about 7000 words behind on my goal now. Instead of throwing that whole amount onto this week, I’m dispersing it over the last two weeks. Instead of 7,000 words each week, I’ll be aiming for 11,000.

With the right schedule in place, I’m confident I can make it happen! Here’s the lineup for this week to help me crush my goals.

April 15th – 3,000

April 16th – 1,000

April 18th – 2,000

April 19th – 1,000

April 20th – 1,000

April 21st – 3,000

I decided to write more days each week than I had been. My hope is to exceed what I write each day to help myself get a bit ahead. Let’s see how it works!

Social Media Detox

One of the things that I found was keeping me from writing was my use of social media. I’d find myself aimlessly scrolling through Twitter & Facebook for no reason. So, I decided to do a little detox!

I deleted Twitter & Facebook from my phone and I’m not checking them until this challenge is over! Now, I did keep my Instagram. But, that’s because the writer’s community there is so motivational to me. They help me stay on track! I am trying to be mindful of how much I use it, though. And, no more cell phone use while I’m writing!

Are you participating in CampNaNo? Share your progress with me!


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