Kindness Matters

I consider myself to be a very kind person. I always have been. I can’t imagine being anything but. The problem with being so kind? Others are quick to take advantage of you.

Being Taken Advantage Of

For reasons I cannot even begin to understand, there are people out there that take advantage of a kind person simply because they can. They know that the kind person will do whatever they say or that they won’t speak up for themselves when they make rude comments.

I’ve been taken advantage of quite often in my life. Most of this hasn’t been in a monetary form; I’ve never had somebody use me for money, at least not in a grand way. Most of the way I’ve been taken advantage of has been from an emotional aspect.

People know that I’m kind and they know that I’m timid. They somehow thinks that gives them free reign to treat me poorly or expect things of me that ought not to be.

I Don’t Understand

I literally cannot wrap my brain around how people can take advantage of others. I just don’t think that way. I have no idea how to manipulate anybody. How do you do that? How do you not feel guilty for it?

I just don’t get it.Β 

I have a hard time asking someone to perform a simple task for me. I get nervous asking for someone to pay me back. I basically freak out when I have to ask for a favor. I feel guilty if I suggest a movie and the other person doesn’t like it.

Really, let me explain this one, it’s a strong feeling. I worry the entire movie if the other person (or people) are enjoying it. I feel guilty if they don’t, like it’s my fault.


If I can’t even sit through a movie without worry what everyone else thinks about my choice, I doubt I could ever try to manipulate someone and not feel 1000% guilty 100% of the time.

Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way

Despite how much it sucks being taken advantage of sometimes, I wouldn’t change who I am. I love being kind. I would never be able to use someone for my own personal gain. It’s not me and I never want it to be.

I’ll let others take advantage of my kindness. I’d rather be kind and taken advantage of that be rude and take advantage of others.

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