3 Inspirational Writing Activities

If you’re a writer, you’ve likely experienced that pesky little thing called writer’s block.

It’s so frustrating and you often wonder how you could ever overcome it! I have a few tried and true tricks I use whenever I feel like I’m in a funk.

People Watching

I love people watching. I don’t know why, but it’s just a ton of fun. I recommend finding a local coffee shop or going to the food court at the mall and posting up with your laptop.

Take a look around at people. Observe them a bit.

Start writing something about them. Whether you come up with a story for them, create some background on their life, or even just describe their physical appearance: anything works!

This helps get your creative juices flowing and you’ll really start to be thinking in the right frame of mind for writing. You may even come up with some great plot or character ideas!

Writing Prompts

Maybe this reminds you of your primary school days. (It does for me). But, writing prompts can help guide you a little bit. It can also really challenge you. It’s one thing creating your own unique idea and building on it. It’s quite another to take someone else’s idea and turn it into something readable.

Don’t think of prompts as “cheating.” Think of them as a mentor that helps you find your voice. You might find yourself being incredibly inspired by what you draft during a writing prompt!

Writer’s Digest has tons of writing prompts to get you started.


As a writing, carrying a journal around with you is pretty much essential. Ideas spark at any given moment and you never know when you may need to jot something down!

That being said, journaling can be done in a few different ways. As I mentioned above, journaling in the moment when you’re inspired helps you keep it fresh in your mind so you don’t forget.

It’s also a good idea to keep your journal next to your bed. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought of something while drifting off to sleep or while dreaming of something that an idea sparked me. I wish I’d written it down so I could remember!

You can also practice daily journaling. Whether you choose to do it when you get home after work or before you go to be: write down anything interesting that happened that day. It could be something major or something minor. If you think it’s even slightly interesting, make a note of it.

You might not be inspired in the moment but when you go back to read it, it might just turn a light bulb on for you!


Don’t get too bogged down by writer’s block. The more you stress about it and force it, the worse it will get. Try out one of these activities to spark your imagination!


Do you have writing activities you swear by to help inspire you? Share them below!

2 thoughts on “3 Inspirational Writing Activities

  1. Good tips! I definitely love a fun and rich environment for people watching. In Eugene, Oregon we have a lot of liberal “hippies.” I consider myself somewhat of a hippie as well. But the people watching here can be quite unique!

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