3 Hair Care Hacks

Let’s face it: we put our hair through a lot. Taking care of it is incredibly important, especially to keep it long & healthy.

Check out 3 hair care hacks that I’ve learned and use frequently to keep my hair luscious!

Clarifying Treatment

Washing your hair isn’t always enough to really get your scalp good and clean. Sometimes, you need to do a deep clean to get rid of the build-up from your hair care products. This is especially true if you’re a fan of dry shampoo!

These products cause some nasty build-up in your scalp that not even a vigorous shampooing can get out.

Now, there are plenty of clarifying treatments that you can purchase to help you with this. But, a few years ago, I learned about an easy at-home hack that gets the job done well: Baking Powder.

You likely already have this in your house! Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Squeeze your regular shampoo in your hand.
  2. Sprinkle on some baking powder.
  3. Blend the mixture together with your finger. It will create a bit of a paste.
  4. Mix in both hands and, using your fingers, work the mixture directly into your scalp.
  5. Rinse your hands, leave the treatment in, and continue shampooing (without baking powder) the rest of your hair.
  6. Rinse your hair as normal! (You may need to work it out a bit more than normal).

Trust me, your hair will feel brand new! Try to do this once a week to get rid of all that build-up.

Clean Your Heating Tools

Think about all the product you use in your hair before you apply heating tools, like a straightener or curling wand. Those products end up causing build-up on your tools. All that build-up can cause your tools to work less effectively. So, by cleaning your tools, you’ll prolong their life!

It doesn’t take some special cleaner to get it done. In fact, you probably already have this product at home: Coconut Oil.

Seriously, what can’t you use coconut oil for!?

Here’s how to do it. After using your tool, let it cool for just a little bit (maybe 10-15 minutes). Don’t do this while your tool is plugged in and on! Grab a wash cloth (something made with fabric, not paper) and put some coconut oil on it. Run the coconut oil along the tool and voila! It’s clean!

The next time you use it, watch how easily it takes to your hair!

Use Dry Shampoo

At this point, if you aren’t using dry shampoo, you’re really missing out! It’s a true Godsend.

Now, if you’re like I used to be, you probably were turned off to dry shampoo because you didn’t like the product you used.

There are SO MANY dry shampoos to try and it can be overwhelming. The truth is, you can read all kind of tips on the best products to use, but you won’t know what works for you until you actually try it. 

Everyone’s hair type and skin is different. What works for your best friend won’t necessarily work for you.

So, do a little trial test of different types of products! Ulta always has samples of dry shampoo at that lovely little travel size station conveniently located at the check out line. Next time you’re there, grab a few and give them a go! (You can also try baby powder – some people swear by it!).

Some tips on using dry shampoo:

  1. Spray only onto your scalp. Maybe that sounds stupid, but I was genuinely confused when trying to use dry shampoo how it works. You just need it at your scalp where your hair gets oily.
  2. Leave the dry shampoo in for a few minutes before working it in. This allows the product to do it’s work in soaking up those oils.
  3. Work the product into your scalp and moving it all over your scalp. I recommend using some kind of cream product to help you do this. I have very static-y hair and working it in dry just made it so much worse. A cream helps prevent this.
  4. And there you have! Clean hair you didn’t need to wash and dry! Style away!


Share with me some of your best hair care hacks!!

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