4 thoughts on “Research For My Novel

  1. I just left you a comment then realized you elaborated here. Yo, that was a different time back when this show aired wasn’t it? Anyway, that fan account on IG was a great way for you to have fun with the show and connect with other fans. I didn’t create any accounts but I do follow a couple fan pages for Buffy and Firefly. It’s cool that this show lends inspiration to your novel, keep it up, I’m doing the same thing with some actors I like on a new story idea. Cheers!

    • It was definitely a different time! That’s actually the time period I’m looking to set my novel in, which is why I thought using the show might be some great inspiration! I find inspiration in so many places. TV & movies happen to be where I draw lots of ideas from!

      • The early 2000s count as “period pieces” – amazing! That’s a great idea and I think I do that a lot too, I see things for book ideas in a cinematic way be it tv or movies. But I think it helps! Good luck and have fun!!

  2. Words can’t describe how much I loved this T.V. series… it brings back alot of memories👌😎. That opening track…by Forty Foot Echo gives me the chills😁

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