Reading To Children

I had this random thought one day about reading children bedtime stories. Could it possibly be sending them the wrong message about reading?

Think about it: we read a bedtime story to a child with the intention of letting them fall asleep. Doesn’t that make it seem boring? Does it make them associate reading with sleeping?

As an adult, I read before bed because it helps me relax. That makes sense to me as an adult. But what if children see it differently?

They’re learning the world. They’re learning how things work. If reading to them only before bed makes them fall asleep, then it kind of makes sense that they would associate it with being a boring activity.

As a writer and a reader, I really want my son to be into reading as well. I’m working on trying to read to him during the day when he can really be stimulated and enjoy the pictures.

I could be completely wrong here. I’m sure there’s some research on it somewhere, who knows.

What are your thoughts on reading bedtime stories?

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