What I Gave Up For Lent

I grew up Catholic. Although I now don’t attend a Catholic church, I do still practice Catholic customs. I attend a non-denominational church, so it’s totally okay for me to practice how I want to!

Anyway, every year, I participate in lent. That means, no meat on Fridays (or Ash Wednesday) and I give something up for the entire 40 days.

Lent 2017

Last year, my fiancé and I gave up fast food. At the time, we had been eating it too often. So, we gave it up!

When we gave this up, I’d hoped that I might drop a few pounds! Much to my dismay, I wasn’t. My fiancé was (lucky him). But, not me.

I later found out that I had been pregnant! Obviously, I was starting to grow another human inside of me so that means I wasn’t losing weight!

Not only was I ecstatic to find out I was pregnant, but I was glad to realize that there might be benefits to eliminating fast food from my diet. (Previously, I wondered why I bothered giving it up if it had no effect on my body!).

Lent 2018

This year, fiancé and I gave up something different from each other. We have been much better about not eating fast food too often. We’re planning out dinners in advance each week which makes everything much easier with our busy schedules!

For lent, I opted to give up soda! Now, this has actually been my go-to thing to give up during lent. I’ve done this for many years. But, since I’ve been with my fiancé, I find I’ve been drinking them more than normal.

He’s basically addicted to Mountain Dew. We always have a decent supply in our house. Naturally, I partake in it. I’d even become accustomed to buying a soft drink for myself when going shopping (something I wouldn’t normally do).

Suffice it to say, my soda drinking had been a bit more out of hand than I would have liked!

My Expectations

Now, as mentioned in my 2018 Resolutions post, I’m on a mission to lose weight. I’m hoping that giving up those sugary beverages will help me drop a few pounds. Plus, I’m hoping that my “addiction” to these drinks is reduced. Even after Lent, I plan to reduce my intake.

I have complete faith that I won’t be drinking soda during these 40 days. Admittedly, giving up fast food wasn’t easy last year. It was just so convenient on those days that we were really busy and needed a quick dinner! But with soda, I can always opt for another beverage!

Did you give anything up for Lent? Share below!


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