My Five Year Plan

On Twitter this past week, a tweet was circulating asking people to list out their plans or goals for the next five years of their lives.

Naturally, I participated. (I love a good Q&A on Twitter – polls, too, now that I think about it).

It really caused me to think. I’d never actually (ever, in my life) sat down and really thought about my plans for the future, at least so far out.

I feel like now that I’m a mom and I’m getting married that my life is finally concrete. I’m also at a job that I love. Is my life perfect? No. But for the first time, like, ever, I actually feel a bit grounded. I don’t feel like there’s so much uncertainty in my life.

I don’t wonder:

When will I find the right guy? When will I get married? How old will I be when I have my first kid? When will I find a job in my field? 

It’s incredibly freeing to not have these huge life questions looming over my head anymore.

My Five Year Plan, By Year

Anywhere, here’s what I wrote out for my five year plan:

5 Year Plan

When creating this, I really took some time to think about it. There were some things that I’d already been thinking about (especially the list for 2018) but others just kind of came to. I just thought, hey, I might as well add this as a goal.

Now, I’m intrigued. I feel like it’s really time to challenge myself. I’ve never really been great at goal-setting. I’m a Pisces, I’m a free-spirit!

2018: Get Married & Buy A New House

To be fair, these things were already on my list for this year. My fiancé & I already have our wedding date set. (October 27, 2018 in East Greenwich, RI!) We’ve also been looking at buying a new home.

Unfortunately, our plan of buying our forever home is being put on hold. Because I got a new job last year and I work for myself, we can’t use my income towards a mortgage loan. (You have to show 1099 taxes for 2 years, I don’t have that yet). Therefore, we can’t afford the size or the style home that we want.

But, that doesn’t change the fact that we still need a new home. Where we live now is simply too small. So, we’re finding a transition home this year! Ideally, this should all take place before summertime rolls around!

2019: Take Our Honeymoon & Self-Publish My First Novel

Again, the honeymoon was already planned! We wanted to wait until after our wedding to take our honeymoon for a few reasons.

  1. We’re not registering for our wedding, instead we will be using the money we get to take our honeymoon.
  2. We want to be able to take off plenty of time from work. But, we’re restricted on that.

Taking our honeymoon in the following year allows us to have plenty of time to save & plan and gives us enough time to take off. Our plan, by the way, is jetting off to California!

Originally, we wanted to go to London. (Both of us have been dying to go since we were little kids – a fact we learned about each other on our very first date). But, with all the uncertainty going on there, we decided it was safer to stay closer to home.

So, California it is! We’re planning on going to a few places over there: Napa Valley, San Francisco, Orange County, and Berkeley. It’s going to be a blast!

Now, my second goal for this year is to self-publish my first novel. Guys, this is something I need to do! I keep saying year after year that I’m going to do it. I just need to pull the trigger and get it done!

In the past, I have tried pedaling my novel to publishers, editors, and agents but haven’t had any luck. I’m not too well-versed in the logistics of self-publishing yet, but I do know that I’m in control there and I can take those steps myself.

Y’all need to hold me accountable to actually doing that in 2019!!

2020: TTC Baby #2 & Find A Publishing Company

My fiancé and I talked about it a bit and we want to wait a while before trying to conceive (TTC) our next baby. We want to enjoy the time with our Quinn now before getting him a new brother or sister. At this time, he will be 2 years old and by the time his baby sibling comes along, he’ll likely be 3 years old.

Now, I’ve never TTC before (Quinn was a welcomed surprise) so I have no idea what I’m in for! It’s certainly all speculation which is why the focus is on TTC instead of actually having a baby.

To piggyback off of my goal of 2019, I plan on working towards finding a publishing company. My hope is that I’m able to use my self-published book as leverage in a sense with finding a company. I’m also not going to restrict myself just to publishing companies, I’ll also search around for agents & editors that may be able to help me with this journey.

2021: Buy Our Forever Home

Ideally, this will be the year we find our forever home. It could be sooner, but we definitely need to be in a new home before we welcome a new baby! The home we are looking at right now will be just big enough for us (my fiancé also has two kids who are with us part-time).

So, the house we’re looking at now will have 4 bedrooms. The next one we get needs to have at least 5. Plus, obviously, I need a space of some kind to use as an office. Thank God we live in the south where housing prices are so low! If I lived back home in New England, we would be shit out of luck.

2022: TTC Baby #3

Now, I’m not entirely sure if we will be trying for a third child. I’ve always dreamed of having 3 children. But, things change! I may change my mind after having the second one. We may decide that we can’t afford to have another baby. But, if we do want a third child, this will be the time to conceive it.

I’m nearing 30 (less than 20 days away!) so I want to be sure to give birth to all my children before I get too far past 35. Plus, we don’t mind to have this one close in age to #2!

What Else?

I admit, when I was coming up with my plans for 2021 & 2022, I was kind of stumped. Four & five years are a long time off! What do I want from my life then? For now, I think these goals are pretty good. I think they’re attainable!

I thank the Twitter-verse for provoking these thoughts in my head. Coming up with plans for the future is important. Even if you don’t attain them, it at least gives you an idea of what you want!

I’m going to make it a goal to keep track of these plans every year and adjust as needed! I have a life I want to lead, and to achieve it, I need to be in the mindset of succeeding.

What does your Five Year Plan look like? Share in the comments!

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