3 Ways To Make Money By Selling Your Clothes

If you’re like me, you enjoy shopping every now & then (or, let’s be honest, more often than that). I love buying new clothes and piecing together outfits. Fashion is just fun. 

But, iy often happens that I’ll buy something and never end up wearing it. Or, I wear it a few times and then change my mind about it. For a good part of my life, I’ve had a closet and only wore 50% of what I owned. It’s kind of a waste of valuable closet space!

I know I can’t keep all of these clothes. But, I often can’t seem to part with them. And that’s not because I still like the clothes. It’s because I don’t want to just get rid of somethin I paid for with my hard-earned money!

Over the years, I’ve found some pretty effective ways to make money from selling my clothes. Let me share them with you!

1. Poshmark

I’ve been using Poshmark for about 5 years now! I’ve had some pretty good luck selling clothes, jewelry, purses, and other fashion accessories. ‘

The easy-to-use app makes listin your items a breeze. What’s great about Poshmark is that you list your item and can leave it up for as long as you like. You can also share your items as often as you want to continue sharing with your followers.

Tip #1: Price your item with the profit amount in mind

Poshmark does take a portion of your sales. But, when you’re listing your item, it will automatically calculate how much you’ll make on the sale.

The app also lets you run promotions on your items in the form of special discounts for purchasing multiple items. This is a great way to entice buyers to purchase more and help clean out your closet.

Another feature they have is the offer feature. This is where a user can give you a lower offer on your item. Through this feature, you can decline the offer or make a counteroffer. Lots of people try to do this (you will get cheap, low ballers).

Tip #2: Price high in anticipation of offers

Another great reason to price high is that Poshmark will run promos when you markdown items, like offering discounted shipping to those that liked the item.

One of my favorite parts about Poshmark is the shipping process. The cost of shipping is flat rate and you never see it, it all goes through them. The company provides you with the shipping label, all you have to do is print it out & affix it to the package. Seriously, what’s easier than that!?

The only issue here is that there are lots of buyers that don’t understand this. They’ll ask you for a discount on shipping or to adjust the price to account for shipping. Don’t let them make you feel guilty for a cost you have no control over!

Tip #3: Ship your item with high visual appeal

Make an impact on your buyer (that will have them leaving you a positive rating). Be sure the item is cleaned and neat (no wrinkles). Wrap it in tissue or put it in a box. Include a thank you note!

Over the last 5 years, I’ve made a total of $5,902.

2. Thred Up

Thred Up is basically an online consignment store. You go to their website and request a Clean Out bag. They ship it to you (it usually comes pretty quick!) and you fill it up! Take a bunch of clothes you want to get rid of and load up the bag. You can really fit a lot in there!

While filling up your bag, you do want to take a look at the website. There are some brand and sign-of-wear requirements. Be sure to reference the list of brands and double check the clothing to be sure it’s in great condition. Fold up the clothes nicely and stick them in the bag in an orderly manner. This ensures the clothes look great when they arrive back to the company.

Pro #1: Incredibly easy process

Simply order your bag, fill it up, drop it at the post office, and wait! It doesn’t get any easier than that. There’s no taking pictures, writing descriptions, setting prices, posting it online – none of that.

Con #1: You eat the cost of shipping

The cost to ship is taken out of the total of the offer the company sends you. They will tell you the flat ship rate before you order your bag, so you do know ahead of time what you’ll be paying. But sometimes, that can really cut into your profits on the whole deal.

Pro #2: The items are cleaned out in minutes

When Thred Up takes your clothes, they likely won’t take everything you send. You have one of two choices here: either they can send you back the clothes they didn’t take (in which case you would pay for shipping) or the company donates the clothing. I always choose to let them donate. Hey, I got my closet cleaned out and I don’t have to worry about valuable closet space being taken up. Plus, someone will benefit from my used clothes. That’s a win for me!

Let’s be honest, it’s hard enough deciding which clothes to get rid of. If I’ve already said my farewell, I’m better off without it even if I don’t get a dime out of it.

Con #2: Low amounts offered

To be honest, they amount they offer you can seem pretty low. You often expect to get more than you will. But, something is better than nothing! They do offer you two amounts on your items. One amount is to use in store credit (higher amount) and one is to take in cash (lower amount). So, if you like shopping consignment, you can basically trade in your clothes to get some new ones!

I’ve used ThredUp 4 times and have made a total of $51.42.

3. Plato’s Closet

Plato’s Closet is basically a consignment store chain. It works similarly to Thred Up, except that it has a physical location. You bring in your bag(s) of clothes, leave them with an associate, and come back to find out how much they’re willing to give you based on your items.

Tip #1: See what they’re looking to buy

If you go to their website, they’ll list trends and styles they’re currently seeking. But, that’s not restrictive. They will take items not on that list as well. It does give you a good idea of what to expect. It can also give you a little nudge if you’re unsure about an item. If it’s on the list of what’s trending – why not try to get rid of it – since you’re more likely to get money for it!

Tip #2: Bring in your bag early

The earlier you bring your bag in, the quicker it’ll be looked through. People bring their own items in all day long which can pile up. That’ll leave you with a longer time killing time while you wait. You also have to claim your items by the end of the day, otherwise you lose them.

The great thing about using Plato’s Closet is that you get your money immediately. Now, I’ve been to a few of them. They’re a franchise so each one is run a little differently. Some places will give you cash and some with give you a check. Either way, you get your money a lot quicker.

Just like Thred Up, you can choose to accept their offer or not. They will give you back any items that they didn’t want. They will tell you why they chose not to take an item. This could range from signs of wear to out-of-date styles.

I’ve probably brought my items into a Plato’s at least 10 times. I can’t say for sure how much money I’ve made. But, my best guess would be between $200-250 overall.

Lots More Possibilities

For each of these methods, there are many other companies that are similar that you can use to sell your clothes or other items. There are so many other ways to do it! But, these are all of the ones that I’ve used often and know the benefits of. I hope this can help someone that needs to make some extra money!

Share some of your favorite methods for selling your clothes!



I could go on forever with more tips & tricks (especially for Poshmark) – if you want to know more, reach out to me on Twitter (@sweetchicwrites) or shoot me an email at sweetchicwrites@gmail.com

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