A Career In Writing

Ever since I can remember, I dreamed of being an author. When I was a little girl, I was always coming up with stories. Whether it was in my mind, while playing with my Barbie dolls, or even writing up stories on the computer or on paper – it was one of my favorite ways to play.

I grew up in the 90’s and early 2000’s. To me, it seemed as though a career in writing was on par with becoming an actress or an athlete. Even now, it still is. Being a successful writer, that is.

Somewhere during my time growing up, I knew that pursuing a career in writing was kind of out of the question. It wasn’t a “smart” move.

A Lack Of Support

Being the kind of person I was (and still am), I’m pretty shy when it comes to my writing. I’m not sure if it’s the potential critique of my work or the fact that it’s a “silly” ambition. Either way, I keep it pretty hush-hush about my dream to become a writer.

I do wish I had been more confident in my dream. After all, it is my dream.

In high school, I remember feeling very lost during my junior & senior years. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. There was so much pressure to decide. It was even a graduation requirement to figure out your next steps.

While that’s certainly a smart idea to help kids figure out what they’re going to do next, it also puts a ton of pressure on them. It did for me, at least.

I had a guidance counselor that pretty much saw me as a number. He basically left me to my own devices to hit all my requirements to graduate without ever offering me, well, guidance into what I wanted to do.

Still, I knew one thing, writing was not one of them.

Consider The Time Period

Think back to what the world was like back in 2006. Social media was just kind of coming onto the scene. It was mostly used for being social. Businesses weren’t using it. It was all entirely personal.

How was I to know back then the way the internet would explode and a degree in writing could actually have some benefit?

Because, let’s be honest, it would have! Think about how many online magazines, blog, etc are online. I work in social media now and I know how much potential for writing there is.

Do I Regret My Choice?

I always say that I hate to think that I have regrets. (Without the choices I’d made, I wouldn’t be where I am now). But, I could definitely kick myself for not trying to pursue what I’ve basically always known I wanted to do.

All in all, that doesn’t stop me from wanting to pursue writing. I do have some natural talent in that aspect. Believe me, I know I’m not perfect. I definitely could use some guidance on my writing. I can stand to improve.

Maybe It’s Not Too Late

I’ll be honest: I sometimes think about going back to school to pursue writing. Even if it’s just a few classes, it would be something.

I keep the idea in the back of my mind. It’s certainly something I would like to do and would enjoy. Right now, the timing isn’t exactly right. Maybe it never will be.

I know that to become an author, I don’t necessarily need to have a degree in writing! There are tons of writers out there without degrees in writing. My thought in going back to school would be to hone my skills.

Since taking classes isn’t currently an option, what I want to work on now is pursuing becoming an author. The best way to get better at your skill is by actually doing it. So, that’s what I’m going to do.

Just Write

Now, it’s not that I haven’t already been writing for years. This isn’t a new venture I’m about to embark on. But I’m going to pursue becoming an author. I’m going to write the stories I have in my head (and focus on just one at a time).

Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “A Career In Writing

  1. I really don’t think it’s ever too late! I honestly could have written this blog post…I always wanted to be a writer too and didn’t pursue it for the same reasons…thinking it was way too far beyond my reach. I think you just need to keep writing 🙂

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