So Much Pressure

If you’ve ever been pregnant, you know that your doctors closely monitor you blood pressure. Having high blood pressure can mean some pretty scary complications for your pregnancy!

Luckily, my blood pressure was pretty good throughout my entire pregnancy. Towards the end, there were a few times it was a bit high. But after lying on my left side for a little bit & getting it re-checked, it went back down to a more normal number.

After my pregnancy, however, it wasn’t so good.

Postpartum Blood Pressure

Following the delivery of my baby, my blood pressure went up. Every time the nurses came to check it, it was high. Even after going on my left side, it was still a little high. They put me on some blood pressure medication and it helped a bit.

After I left the hospital, I had to see my doctor so they could monitor my blood pressure. It never lowered (on its own, at least). I had to go back weekly for about a month for them to check it. I went on medication that did help and we finally got it back down to a normal number.

What I couldn’t really understand though was the reasoning it was high. I mean, I consider myself a very calm person! Sure, first following giving birth, I was stressed. I was a first time mom – what do you expect! But still, once the newness of that wore off, I was much better.

Of course, that doesn’t mean it still couldn’t be high. You don’t necessarily have to feel it.

On my last visit, my doctor told me that bad news. He said that because I had these issues now that I would be at high-risk of having blood pressure issues for future pregnancies. This can cause preeclampsia which can have some pretty scary consequences.

Goal = Lower Blood Pressure

I do plan on becoming pregnant again in the future, at least one more time (though hopefully two more times). But that’s definitely not going to be for quite a while. (And I’m hoping the next one will be planned – the first one was a happy surprise!).

In the meantime, my goal is to get my blood pressure lowered!

I am overweight and part of getting your blood pressure lowered is to have a healthy BMI. Another way I can do this is with regular exercise. Exercising regularly is obviously great for your heart and lungs with means you have a lower blood pressure.

The next steps is to look at diet. The biggest offender of high blood pressure: sodium. Now, I don’t think it’s realistic for me to completely cut out sodium but I can definitely reduce my intake of it. Truth be told, I don’t really add salt to anything. I’ll need to be proactive in reading ingredients of items I eat that have sodium in them.

Overall, eating a healthy diet is crucial. Adding lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to my diet is key here. Again, I’ll be much more proactive of what foods I put into my body and ensure that my diet is much healthier than it previously has been!

A big proponent of high blood pressure is stress. I don’t consider myself a very stressful person, but there are definitely times where my temper is tested. Being a new mom, especially, comes with stresses I never had before. So, to help myself reduce my stress, I’ll be doing lots of yoga and meditation! I love yoga and unfortunately haven’t had the chance to do it as much as I’d like to. That ends now! It’s time to break out the yoga mat.

Two Birds, One Stone

The best news about all of this: my goal to lower my blood pressures coincides with my goal to lose weight! All of these ways I can reduce my blood pressure are ways that I can also lose weight.

I’m actually looking forward to working harder towards losing weight and leading a life of lower blood pressure. Wish me luck!

Share your stories, tips, and struggles with high blood pressure with me!

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