Former Coffee Addict

I didn’t develop a taste for coffee until later in my life. I was about 20-21 when I finally discovered how I liked my coffee and I really had a taste for it.

What’s kind of humorous about that is I worked at Dunkin Donuts for 2 years and never once was a fan of coffee. And I tried to find my taste for it! One day, a co-worker and I tried out a bunch of different mixtures to see what we liked only to come up flat.

I ended up developing a taste for it and as my tastes changed, I eventually began drinking my coffee black. I had never been a huge fan of pretty creamer in it anyway but I liked a bit of milk and a bit of sweetener. I’m not sure when I converted to just black, but I did.

Addicted to Java

For years and years, that’s how I drank it! I became addicted to coffee. Seriously, I couldn’t go one morning without coffee. And it had to be morning! I couldn’t be awake for too long without it.

Do you want to know why? Caffeine headache.

If you’ve never experienced that before, let me tell you, it sucksIt’s incredibly painful and it really doesn’t go away. You think that if you just have some coffee, it’ll calm down. It doesn’t. That headache lingers for hours. 

Honestly, I really didn’t mind the addiction. I loved the taste of coffee! For me, it wasn’t necessarily about drinking it for the addiction. I loved to eat my breakfast or lounge on the couch or sit on the porch and enjoy a nice cup of coffee.

My typical morning consisted of brewing a pot that would fill about 3 mugs and sipping on it all morning.

Something Changed

One week last March, I suddenly lost my taste for coffee. I know, it sounds strange. But I would brew my pot as normal and pour myself a cup. But as I sipped on it, I just wasn’t satisfied by it. Something about it just didn’t sit right.

So, I stopped drinking it. Just like that. For no apparent reason.

I opted for other forms of caffeine. Red Bull. Green Tea. (I know, those two things are way opposite ends of the health spectrum).

Then, a few weeks later, I found out that I was pregnant.

It all made sense. My tastes were changing because I was growing a tiny human inside of me! It actually kind of worked out. If I hadn’t lost my taste for it, I might have had a difficult time cutting it off cold turkey. Of course, doctors say now that you can have a small amount of caffeine a day while pregnant, but to cut out the amount of caffeine I’d been having would have been a challenge.

Postpartum Decision

Now, here I am, 6 weeks after giving birth. If I wanted to, I could have coffee again. And, my taste for it has likely returned. But I’m kind of torn. Do I want to slip back into that addiction?

Sure, I love the way that coffee tastes. But whenever there was a time where I was travelling, I’d be concerned for where I would get my first cup of coffee every morning. I didn’t want to have that headache! To not drink coffee feels kind of freeing. I’m not chained to the cup.

For now, I think I’ll forgo coffee. In the future, I may need to pick up that habit again because I just need it to function (I am a mother now, after all!).

What’s your relationship with coffee? Share below!

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