Everything Happens For A Reason

A few months back, I wrote a post about our house hunting. To give a brief recap, we had found the perfect home for us in a neighborhood we loved. Unfortunately, due to conditions beyond our control, we were unable to buy the house at the time.

We needed to wait until February of this year before we could pursing purchasing a home. The good news was that the community we were looking at had plans for a new phase of development in the future. That way, we would still be able to get the home we wanted, where we wanted, and when it could happen for us.

So, we kept this idea in the back of our mind, counting down the days until February was here and we could get the ball rolling on our new home.

We Require A New Home

The reason we need a new home is because the house we have now is just too small for all of us. We have a new baby now which makes 5 of us in the house. Also, I work from home, so at the moment, my work space is at the dining room table. Plus, when I moved in, I acquired a storage unit for my belongings. Nearly one year later, and those items are still there. There simply isn’t room for all of us and our stuff!

Another reason we are so eager to move is that we are dying to get away from my future mother-in-law (FMIL). She lives about 10 minutes away. She has a key to the house (don’t get me started on that – she had that before I came along). And she drops by unannounced regularly, we’re talking at least 5 times per week.

Every time she comes by, she leaves all of us in a bad mood. She’s unbearable. We need our space and we need our distance.

That being said, our new home would be 45 minutes east from where we are now. We would finally be rid of her! (At least from stopping by all the time).

A Change Of Plans

But yesterday, my fiance brought up an idea. He thought that we should consider looking west for a new home, 45 minutes in the opposite direction. This would be beneficial for a few reasons.

  1. We would be closer to his kids. They live more out west from where we are. Moving further east would have meant they were farther away which would have put a strain on bringing them back home. Plus, at the moment, my FMIL is the one that picks them up from school on Friday’s and brings them back to school on Monday’s. Our goal in moving was to eliminate our need for her to do that as this would require her less of a need to come by our house. So, moving to the west instead would make it much easier on us.
  2. The town we would have been moving to out east is the same town FMIL grew up in and is where her mother and all of her brothers & sisters live. That means that she would likely find any reason to come out that way just so she could drop by. But, moving out west eliminates her needing to be out that way and stopping in.
  3. The school systems and location is better on the west side. This would mean it would be easier for us to fit in with the people and is a better school for the new baby when the time comes.

All in all, we both thought this was the best option and we immediately started looking for houses. We were a little sad that we wouldn’t get that house we had initially wanted since we loved it so much, but we could also find something better.

Fate Intervened

As we were looking at homes, we happened upon something amazing. The construction company that was building the home we initially wanted was starting a new development in the exact town out west that we had been considering.

I don’t care what you say, that’s fate y’all!

The good thing, too, is that there is a home that is the same building design as the one we wanted! It’s more expensive, so we may choose another design. But, there are actually more designs that fit our needs in this development!

Also, did I mention this new development is near a lake? Plus, being on the west side means that we are much closer to downtown, the malls, and our church. Whereas the east side house would have been farther away.

We reached out to our realtor last night and she is working on getting more information for us. I had been so discouraged all of those months ago when we couldn’t get that house as soon as we wanted. Now I know that it was because it wasn’t meant for us. Something else was coming our way. And that something else has now arrived!

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