My Muse

As a writer, I have had many muses that have sparked ideas for story lines or characters. Many of these muses have come to me in the form of entertainment such as in TV or music. I’ve had real-life experiences (or someone else’s experiences) spark an idea. I’ve even had dreams that have had such a great story to them that I’ve written them down for later use.

But, one of the most inspirational muses I’ve had has come in the form of music. One artist has ignited multiple ideas for me: Taylor Swift.

It probably goes without saying that I am a huge Taylor Swift fan. I love her music. I love the stories she tells in her songs. What’s great about her music is that she’s a songwriter. So, not only has she taken her own life experiences and written wonderful lyrics; she also has so much heart in the words that when she sings – you can feel the passion and energy.

Why Taylor Swift?

I think part of the reason I’ve found so much inspiration with her songs is that the themes of them are similar to the style of writing I do. I consider myself a Young Adult writer. The stories I develop are mostly about teens in high school or college students. As someone that had a fairly boring high school journey, I’m able to gain some insight into feelings another teen girl had.

For a long time, her music has had the power of helping me produce many ideas I have used or will use in my writing. Her album Red had a particular effect on me. This could be due to when this album was released. It was October 2012, right around the time I began honing in on my writing.

I would listen to this album while I was at the coffee shop working on my writing. I’d listen to it while I took walks around my neighborhood (this was how I often would work towards inspiring myself).

A New Journey

Admittedly, that was the last TSwift album I can really say was inspirational to me. Now, that’s not because I don’t like her follow-up albums, 1989 and reputation, quite the opposite actually. I love them!

But, when those albums came out, I wasn’t as invested in my writing as I had been in the past. That’s not to say that now that I’ve recommitted myself to my craft that I won’t find more inspiration in them. It just might happen!

So, as I re-commence this writing journey, you can bet that I’ll be playing Taylor Swift albums to help get me in the writing frame of mind. Who knows, maybe listening to Red will allow me to re-create some of the ideas I’d come up with back in 2013 that I have since lost during my computer crashing! One can only hope…

Now, I ask you:

What’s your muse? Where do you find inspiration?

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