Resolutions for 2018

Hello everyone!

I know what you’re thinking: where have you been? Yes, I kind of left this blog in the lurch for a little while. I began writing bi-weekly articles for Odyssey and that seemed to take up my time in terms of writing.

Also, I kind of did something really huge. I had a baby!

Unfortunately, that means I didn’t really have much time for blogging. But I’m back!

I love blogging and I used to be pretty serious about maintaining a blog back in 2013. It was so much fun for me and I want to get more involved in it again.

A Bit Of Déjà Vu

I was sitting here thinking about it and one of the things I did on my last blog was share my resolutions for the New Year and blog about my progress. So, I figured, why not do the same thing again 5 years later!

I decided to go back and take a look at what resolutions I had set for myself back in 2013. Honestly, these are still resolutions I hope to accomplish today.

Let me do a quick run-down of those goals and where I’m at today. My saving money & credit score goals? Well. Let’s just say that hasn’t gotten any easier. Student loans going into repayment, a breakup, moving 12 hours away, and continued abuse of shopping has lead me to be unable to save money and have a pretty decent mountain of debt. Weight loss goal? That just seems like something I’ll forever be struggling with. Oy vey. Working on becoming an author? Still a work in progress. And what’s truly sad is that I’m basically starting this now at the same place I was back in 2013.

I read through these goals and made a mental note of what my resolutions would be. It’s crazy to think about what didn’t change in five years while there were so many other areas of my life that changed drastically!

My Resolutions for 2018

1. Lose 30 Pounds

In comparison to where I began with my weight in 2013, I’m about 15 pounds heavier now. Maybe you’re thinking: why not have a goal of 50 then? Or 65? Well, a lot has changed in how I view myself. I was in a relationship in 2013 where I felt like my body wasn’t good enough. I felt I should be thinner. Now, I’m in a relationship where my fiancé thinks my body is amazing just the way it is. He loves my curves. And in the last five years, I’ve grown to like my curves more and more.

But, I still want to lose some weight. I want to tone up and be healthier! Also, I’m getting married this year (October 27!) and I want to look bomb AF in my dress.

I chose the number 30 for a few reasons. I think it’s much more attainable for me. Plus, I think that 30 pounds will still allow me to have the curves I love. After breaking it down, I’d have to lose 2.5 pounds a month to reach my goal by the end of 2018 or lose about 3.5 pounds a month to reach that goal by my future wedding date. Totes doable!

2. Work On Becoming Published

Similar to 2013, my goal here is not to become published. My goal is simply to work harder and more diligently to achieving that dream. That means getting serious about my writing. That means diving in to what I’ve worked on for nearly 10 years and creating something I can be proud of. That means doing the research into finding an editor, learning about self-publishing, and becoming more knowledgeable about the world of being an author.

The irony of this goal is that I’m starting in the same place in 2018 that I started at in 2013. After my computer crashing and losing my files, there’s not much that’s changed in terms of hard copies of my work. Hopefully this time around I’ll find more success!

3. Be Smarter About Money

I’m not naive enough to believe that I’ll be able to save money and lower my debts this year. I’m getting married and any extra money will be going towards that. I can, however, be smarter about my spending.

To be honest, I have been getting better about this as of late. When I found out I was pregnant, I began thinking about my spending. For so long, I had been selfishly spending money: buying things to make me feel better or to fit in. Suddenly, it wasn’t about me anymore. I had someone else to think about. So, I became more conscious of what I spent my money on.

Let me tell you, for someone that has gone years with a specific spending habit, it can be hard to break. It’s going to take some work to re-program my brain. But, I’m confident it can be done. After all, I’ve already done a little bit of this!

Sharing My Progress

Just as I did in 2013, I will be blogging about my progress with my goals. I’ll be sharing how I’m doing, my frustrations and milestone, and everything else as it relates to holding myself accountable.

So, help me out! Follow me on Twitter where I post multiple times a day, lots of which will be in relation to these goals. And, of course, check out my blogs. Support me! Be that voice I might need to hear when I have a frustrating day (like dealing with writers block or finding I gained weight one week instead of losing).

And hey, if you want, I’d love to do the same for you! Share with me what your resolutions are for 2018!

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