Baby Registry Advice for Parents-To-Be

This year, I am becoming a mom for the first time. I admit, I don’t have much first-hand experience in parenting at all. But, in learning through the trials & tribulations thus far, I can offer some very valuable advice to parents-to-be.

Do Not Use Target For Your Baby Registry!

First and foremost, I want to say that while I can only share my experience, this may not be true for everyone. All I can do is share what my frustrations with this have been and hope that it provides some insight for other parents out there. Honestly, I wish we had done more research into where to register. Hopefully, you learn from our mistake!

My Registry Process

I am a huge lover of Target (and honestly still am). They have quality products at low prices. Their stores are always clean and tidy. They have great deals on clearance. It didn’t even cross my mind to register anywhere else.

Plus, my fiance & I have family all over and there are Target’s everywhere. This makes it infinitely easier for people to have one place they can shop for our baby.

If you’ve ever done a registry before, you know that it can be incredibly overwhelming. There are so many products to choose from! There’s different brands, styles, colors, etc. I love have the option of choosing something I love, but it can definitely feel overwhelming!

Looking back, when we initially completed our registry, it took us, in total, about 8-10 hours. We did not do this all in one sitting! At night, we would sit down and go through section by section. We looked at everything. We read the reviews, compared features, and made notes of what to ask our doctors.

We took so much time and effort into choosing things we loved that would be safe for our baby. A lot of thought, time, and energy went in to each and every decision.

Here’s Where The Frustration Comes In

There was one bib set that I had registered for that had a phrase about an aunt on it. I text me sister and told her about it and that she should get it for our little one! She looked online and discovered that the set had been discontinued. I couldn’t believe it!

I went online to discover that it had, in fact, been discontinued. Not only that, but a large number of items (clothing, burp cloths, bibs, & wash cloths in particular) had a note that they were limited availability & would be discontinued. I was pretty annoyed! We had finished the registry days ago and this was not the case.

Come to find out, when you register for items, it doesn’t show you that an item is going to be getting discontinued until you already have it in your registry list. That’s a huge time waster, since we had gone through other selections and added new items.

As the days and weeks went on, I watched as more and more items were being discontinued. There was even an option on each to find a replacement which would have been nice had there been anything to replace them with. There wasn’t. There was no new items added. (And when I called out Target on Twitter, they said they are “always adding new items” which was clearly a lie).

And Then We Walked Into a Target Store

Because we had noticed these items were discontinued, we decided to periodically go into a Target location to see if we could find the items that we loved that were sold out online. We managed to find a few clothing items but burp cloths and wash cloths were apparently non-existent in-store and online.

One day, we walked in and found there were some new items stocked! (YAY!) I pulled out my phone and we began picking items we liked to add to our registry. The only thing we really didn’t find were burp cloths (are these not a thing anymore?).

Later that day, I had checked my registry and noticed that all the new items we added were in-store only and not available online. That’s no problem at all! Most people will probably buy in-store anyhow. But still, despite new items in-store, there were no new items online.

Fast Forward A Bit

I woke up one morning and checked my registry and found that the number of items I had registered for had decreased. This was strange to me. The way it works is that you always see how many items are on your registry whether or not items have been purchased. Underneath the total will show the purchased amount.

I was confused, so I looked at my registry. All the items I have added in the store were deleted.


How does that make sense that they’re just deleted? So I go online to check the website and happily discover that there have been new items added. I went through page one and added some new items to replace what had been discontinued.

You’d think I’d finally have some relief. But no. Apparently, these new items are causing some kind of frenzy with the website and I’m not able to view anything past page one. (There are 11 pages, mind you).

Continued Frustration

My baby shower is days away and I can’t provide my guests with an updated list of items that I need because Target simply isn’t there for me.

To me, the whole process has been incredibly infuriating. The fact that I’ve had to make multiple updates to my registry and have hit road block after road block is just annoying. I have plenty of other things to worry about than checking whether my registry has items that can actually be purchased or not.

The Moral Of My Rant

Do some research. After a while of feeling frustrated, I did some research to see if anyone else had this issue. I found a few blogs or articles listing the best baby registries or comparing registries and Target has continued to be one that causes frustration.

I’ve heard that Amazon is a great place to register (which I never would have thought of!) as well as Babys R Us or Buy Buy Baby. Now, I haven’t used these but I invite you to take a look online and see what other moms have had success with! I know that for my next baby, I’ll be going a different route. And, for my sister, sister-in-laws, friends, etc I will most certainly be recommended a place other than Target.


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