The Queen of Jumping to Conclusions

This is a perfect example of how I literally could worry about anything.

This past week, my boyfriend has been working pretty long hours. Plus, his kids are here this week. So, we really haven’t had much time with each other, even for the little bit where he has been home.

It’s not that I don’t understand he’s working, I do, completely. But, I can’t help but feel a little lonely. It happens and I don’t blame him for it.

We typically text each other throughout the day on and off. I know he’s busy and can’t respond right away and that doesn’t bother me. But one day, I had text him saying I missed him and it was taking him a while to respond. Then, his daughter’s iPod rang with a call, so I checked it (she was gone and left on the counter near my desk). It was her dad. I tried to answer but it had stopped ringing by the time I’d gotten to.

I checked my phone and he had just read my text. (BTW – it said “I miss you”). I waited for the reply. Nothing.

Obviously I got upset by it. Eventually (like an hour later) he text me. I was upset so I was being short. He knows me too well and picked up on it right away and he called me.

We talked about it and he had gotten distracted with something at work and forgot to respond. I know it happens and he’s not at all the kind of guy that would ignore me (he never has been). So, I felt much better after having talked to him.

The next day: it happened again. This time, he had text me and I had responded almost immediately. He didn’t text back right away (again, he’s obviously at work). But, 10 minutes later, he called his son and they talked for a minute or two.

I looked at my phone expecting to hear back from him. Again, nothing. (Honestly, the conversation wasn’t even anything significant. He’d asked me how my day was going). He didn’t text me back for 2 hours.

This time, I didn’t say anything and I didn’t make it seem like I was upset. I pretended everything was fine. (Typical me!)

I didn’t want to make a big deal about it. I admit I was upset for a while that day. (Also, I’m pregnant so my emotions are always all over the place anyway).

So, he gets home that night and we were having a party for his daughter’s rabbit (don’t get me started). His nieces and nephew came over and they all played and ate cupcakes. So, either way, still not getting some great quality time with the BF. Which is fine.

After they left, my boyfriend had to go out and do a call. (He was on call that night). It wasn’t going to take long so we cleaned up a little bit and he was getting ready to go.

I was sitting on the couch and he was in the kitchen. He gets a phone call, answered it, and headed straight for the door. He left to go outside. From the sound of the conversation, it definitely seemed like it was a man on the other end. I admit I was kind of annoyed. But, I figured it wouldn’t take too long and he would be in.

A few minutes later, his kids came into the living room and asked where he was. I told them he had gone outside on the phone. After they’d each had another cupcake (their reason for coming into the room), his son went outside to find his dad.

When he came back in, he told me that his dad was sitting in the car talking on the phone and said “I guess he doesn’t want anyone to hear his conversation, not even you.”

That annoyed me. Immediately, I was upset. Why was he talking on the phone in the car? He never did anything like that. It immediately launched me back in time to my ex who did that to me more than once. (Because he was a shady MF).

So, I changed into my pajamas and took out the book I was reading (wishing I could accompany this with a nice glass of Chardonnay). I tried my hardest not to cry because I don’t let anyone see me cry.

When he finally came back inside, I pretended like everything was fine (my MO). I obviously wasn’t doing a great job. My BF came over to me and asked what was wrong. I said nothing and casually asked who he was talking to.

He told me he couldn’t tell me or it would ruin the surprise. Oh, how convenient. But, my boyfriend is actually a terrible secret keeper. So, he finally told me he was talking to my dad.

No way. Really? This was my reaction. You weren’t really talking to my dad.

He showed me his call log. It was my dad.

*Insert me feeling pretty stupid*

Know why he was talking to my dad? We got engaged about a week later.

And this is just one example of how I can jump to conclusions over just about anything. 


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