Great Loves

On Sex in the City, Charlotte said you only get two “great loves” in your life.

In my life, I’ve been in two serious relationships – or, have I?

I had a boyfriend in high school. We started dating in my sophomore year. He was the only person I loved throughout high school, despite us having broken up before senior year. And we continued to come back to each other, if only for a short time, for years afterwards. Would I call it a “great love”? Probably not.

But my next serious relationship? Yes. It was undoubtedly a great love. We were best friends. We got along so well. We connected. It was so real . Being with him made me really believe in love, and really feel it. At the moment, I don’t even know or understand what we are. It’s too complicated. (Love always is).

The question I have – is whether there is another “great love” out there waiting for me. Sure, in high school everything feels passionate. Even when we grow older and we find real passion, we still believe in that of the past.

Maybe there is something else out there for me. Right now, hope is all I can dream of. Hope is the only thing that can keep us going sometimes.

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